The EssentialMed foundation has been created to address the critical problem of access to essential medical devices in the developing world.

EssentialMed is a non-profit organization whose goal is to develop and deploy effective, high-quality and affordable medical devices adapted to the needs of district hospitals providing primary healthcare in ressource-poor settings. It is a radically different approach compared to the donation of new and used equipment originally designed for the Western world, which has long been proven to be largely ineffective and unsustainable.

EssentialMed coordinates specific research programs with some of the world leading scientific and academic centers. The foundation will also manage the development, industrialization, distribution, support and maintenance of the appropriate medical devices with the collaboration of some key partners.

This new approach requires "value innovation" at all the levels of the value chain in order to maximize the impact in terms of Global Health (focus on downstream benefits rather than upstream earnings). EssentialMed thus introduced the concept of the "Value Cross".

News & Events

June 2013: EssentialMed Annual Report is now available online

2012 EssentialMed ANNUAL REPORT

February 2013

In collaboration with EssentialMed, EPFL launches the EssentialTech program

EPFL news: All-terrain technology for developing countries
RTS news: L'EPFL va développer des technologies pour lutter contre la pauvreté
GlobalDiagnostiX Video [1'30'']:

June 2012: EssentialMed gave its first course on South context to EPFL students

EssentialMed Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Beat Stoll, has given the first course on safety
and South context to EPFL students that will leave for internships in developing countries.


March 2012: GlobalDiagnostiX project has been kicked off!

An Alliance has been created to develop Appropriate Diagnostic Imaging.
½ of research funding has been raised already. →


February 2012: EssentialMed in the press

→ Frost & Sullivan report on "Medical Devices in the Developing World" based on EssentialMed experience

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January 2012: EssentialMed Annual Report is now available online

2011 EssentialMed ANNUAL REPORT

March 2011

EssentialMed has been formally recognized as a public utility organization and has accordingly received a tax exemption status from the swiss tax authorities.
Donations to EssentialMed are tax deductible when provided for by country's law.

January 2011

A collaboration contract has been signed with EPFL.

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