A comprehensive value chain

EssentialMed will build and coordinate a comprehensive value chain to address all aspects of the problem - from lab to bedside – including products design, manufacturing, commissioning, support, maintenance as well as staff training.

In particular the value chain encompasses 3 main elements that require specific strategies:

1°) Scientific and market research: "The Alliance"
EssentialMed coordinates an Alliance of technology and medical institutes as well as international and local organizations that participate in scientific and market research programs. The goal is to stimulate a market-pull strategy to define the essential requirements for appropriate medical devices, and lead a technology innovation pool which will solve the specific challenges found in developing countries.

2°) Development and industrialization
EsssentialMed will bring together a team of highly experienced business managers that will set up and implement an industrial strategy to design and manufacture the medical devices and reach an optimal cost/performance ratio.

3°) Deployment and field integration
EssentialMed will leverage the competence of local partners (public and private organizations, NGOs, entrepreneurs, etc.) in order to build and support distribution channels that will serve the foundation mission.