Adapted to local               
 conditions & constraints               
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Total Cost
of Ownership
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Efficacy of the
Medical function
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Quality &         
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USAGE: tackle new challenges

→ Adaptation to local (often neglected) constraints, needs and specificities
(scarce and chaotic energy supply, harsh environments, different cultures and languages, etc.)

→ Products are designed for long term usage

PRICE: design for affordability

→ Lower the total cost of ownership, not only the sales price

→ Technology Innovation to dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership

→ Focus on critical device functions and remove “bells and whistles”

→ New design: not a cost reduction or downsizing of high-end products

→ Scalable solutions and reusable components to target multiple communities

→ Minimize disposables and services that can represent >50% of total lifetime cost

PERFORMANCE: deliver first-rate medical function

→ Achieve outstanding performance for the fundamental functions

→ Implement advanced technologies and innovations

DURABILITY: exceed best-in-class quality

→ Products must meet the highest quality standards of the industry

→ Product muct withstand harsh environments

→ Minimize maintenance cost