The Value Cross

EssentialMed endeavors to reinforce Health technology infrastructure at the first level of referral (district hospitals) by providing appropriate medical devices in ressource-poor settings, thus strengthening primary healthcare as advocated by WHO.

The approach is to address each element of the whole value chain so that its primary focus is to maximize patient benefits. The impact on Global Health is at the center of the value chain that is now represented as a Value Cross.

EssentialMed works with some of the most prestigious scientific and academic centers as well as industrial companies and NGOs in order to develop simple, efficient and robust medical devices focusing on primary functions.
—  Technical innovation is required to invent the technologies that will allow to achieve the challenging price-performance objective, plus enable the devices to work properly under specific constraints found in emerging and developing countries.
—  Value innovation is also required all along the value chain in order reduce the total cost of ownership and guarantee the long term usability and efficiency of the products.